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14492 Ivor Road

Sedley, VA  23878

Cyndi Raiford, Director

and Lead Instructor

Therapeutic Riding Program

The largest of our programs is a mounted program that focuses on balance

and coordination, fine and gross motor skills, behavior, speech, socialization

 and more. Lesson goals and objectives are individualized for each participant.

We offer all this while providing a fun and safe outdoor recreational activity

 that builds confidence and self-esteem.

At-Risk Program

Our At-Risk Program is an Equine Facilitated Learning Program (EFL) based on EAGALA methodology. This unmounted program is for participants with

behavior issues/disorders and most have typically been expelled or suspended from school. Equine activities are one-on-one or small group instruction with

a focus on team work, problem solving, anger management, appropriate social behavior, communication skills and improving self-esteem and confidence.


For the school program, the school psychologist and our lead instructor

work as a team with students to help them learn the necessary skills to

return to the classroom successfully.

Therapeutic Driving Program

The center’s driving program was the first accredited therapeutic driving program in the state. Started in 2006, our driving program serves participants we cannot safely serve in the mounted program. We also offer instruction to adults that are interested in learning to drive. Driving offers many benefits found in our mounted program, to include improvements in fine and gross motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, concentration, confidence and self-esteem.


Founded in 1999 with one horse and two participants, the center has grown to serve over 100 participants a year with 8 horses and ponies.

In addition to our evening lessons several nights a week, we also offer Morning School Programs with Southampton County Public Schools and Franklin City Public School Special Education Departments. Our At-Risk Program is in partnership with the Fresh Start Center at Southampton Public Schools.